Introducing “eWWE”

If you are a wrestling fan, I have created a wrestling blog based on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and it is currently looking for staff to volunteer to help keep it alive. This website is still in beta, so not everything will look perfect and not everything will be alright, but it can be useful information. This blog is aiming at fans around the world that love to hear everything about WWE, and that is what it is just about. Things are in development with this blog and I’m not expecting this blog to become a one hit wonder, but I’m looking forward to people viewing the blog and enjoying the posts as well as the blog.

Remember, I’m looking for anyone to volunteer for this blog and post up-to-date information on the blog. If you are interested in applying for a position for this blog, you can send an application to this email:

You can view the blog here by clicking the picture:

 eWWE (Picture)Thanks,


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WWE: WrestleMania 29 Win Predictions/Results (April 7th, 2013 Update)

WWE Wrestlemania 29

WrestleMania 29 is near and the superstars are getting ready to fight not for respect, but for the history in the WWE. WrestleMania is the biggest event in WWE ever since it was created and now it just keeps on getting bigger.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango [Wrestlemania]

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Y2J faces off a man that wants everyone to pronounce his name right. Chris Jericho has proven that he is worth being in the hall of fame and he has proven that he is the best in the world at what he does. 

Before Fandango made it to Raw and Smackdown, he was named ‘Johnny Curtis’ on NXT. He attempted to make his debut on Smackdown but he didn’t succeed. Now, Fandango will take on Y2J on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 28.

Will Fandango walk out the winner of the match, or will he walk out with a loss and the crowd chanting ‘You can’t wrestling’?

WWE WrestleMania Win Prediction:

Chris Jericho def. Fandango

Win Prediction: Incorrect via pin-fall reversal

Fandango def. Chris Jericho


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs.Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

WWE’s Tag Team champions have been entertaining WWE ever since they formed a tag team. However, Dolph Ziggler has been money in the bank winner since last year’s Money in the Bank Paper view event but he has headed into WrestleMania in a tag team match with Big E Langston.

Since A.J. Lee’s is known for her craziness in the WWE, I think that Team Hell No will walk away with the Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania.

WWE’s WrestleMania Prediction:

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No def. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

Win Prediction: Correct via choke-slam


Ryback vs. Mark Henry

These two monsters will be competing at WrestleMania but though it is very hard to predict this match.

Mark Henry has been dominating every match that he competes in leaving almost every superstar lying on their back in pain. Ryback has done the same as well.

Ryback shows that he can take down the world’s strongest man Mark Henry but Mark Henry had shown that he can do the same to Ryback.

WWE’s WrestleMania Prediction: Ryback def. Mark Henry

Win Prediction: Incorrect via shell-shock reversal

Mark Henry def. Ryback

Wade Barrett vs. The Miz [WrestleMania 29]

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

Sneaky Wade Barrett will take on the awesome one (The Miz) at WrestleMania 29 for the Intercontinental Championship. Wade Barrett has picked up some wins during the past few  weeks but more than likely, he won those matches by distractions from other superstars.

The Miz has been very impressive with the figure four lock that he uses on his opponents and his win over the fans have been outstanding. Each week it seems as if he is getting better and better every time he competes.

Will Wade Barrett win the match against the Miz, or will Miz walk out the Intercontinental Champion once again?

WWE WrestleMania Win Prediction:

New Intercontinental Champion The Miz def. Wade Barrett 

Win Prediction: Correct via Figure four lock

Big Show, Randy Orton, Shameus vs. The Shield [WrestleMania 29]

Big Show, Randy Orton, Sheamus vs. The Shield 

It’s official, the three rivals (Big Show, Randy Orton, and Sheamus) will take on the dangerous trio, the shield at WrestleMania.

The Shield dominated every fight in 2012, and they want to do the same in 2013 but this time, they just may have a competition at WrestleMania.

WWE WrestleMania Win Prediction:

Big Show, Randy Orton, Sheamus def. The Shield 

Win Prediction: Incorrect via spear

The Shield def. Big Show, Randy Orton, Sheamus


Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

At WrestleMania, Triple H and Brock Lesnar will take out their rage and hate out on each other in a no holds barred match but this time, Triple H’s career is on the line.

Brock Lesnar and Triple H won’t back down from a fight, and I for one think that Triple H will not walk away a loser at WrestleMania.

WWE’s WrestleMania Prediction: Triple H def. Brock Lesnar

Win Prediction: Correct via Pedigree on steel steps


The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

The delusional CM Punk thinks that he can beat Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania, but The Undertaker won’t let him get away with what CM Punk has done to The Undertakers Father’s (Paul Bearer) ashes.

CM Punk in my opinion will not walk away with a smile on his face after Undertaker beats the living hell out of the disrespectful superstar CM Punk. R.I.P CM Punk!

WWE’s WrestleMania Prediction:

The Undertaker def. CM Punk

Win Prediction: Correct via Tombstone Pile driver



World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Brainwashed Jack Swagger gets ready to face off Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania to win the world heavyweight championship, but will he win the match or will he lose it?

We the people think that Alberto Del Rio will pull of a win at WrestleMania.

WWE’s WrestleMania Prediction:

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger

Win Prediction: Correct via cross armbreaker


WWE Champion The Rock vs. John Cena

The Rock and John Cena once again main event WrestleMania but this time, it is for the WWE Championship.

These electric superstars have been electrifying the entire world with their impressive career that they have made in the WWE.

This is a hard prediction to make, but in my prediction, John Cena will walk away with the WWE Championship.

WWE’s WrestleMania Prediction: 

John Cena def. WWE Champion The Rock

Win Prediction: Correct via Attitude Adjustment

© 2013 WWE, Inc.

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Home for Anything looking for Authors

 It has been quite a while since I have made a post on my own blog. I’ve decided to leave the CPPS community forever but I have some thoughts for the future of Home for anything. Since the name of the blog explains it all, anything will be posted. The website is looking for volunteers to keep Home for anything alive by applying for a job. Now there are rules to this job, there is no payment involved but this job just may help your experience as an author. You can post anything that doesn’t involve pornography or any sexual words or images. I also won’t allow any type of hacking advertisements or non-legitimate games such as “Private Servers”.

Why did the rules change on “Home for anything”? It’s because, I want Home for anything to have a change for once. Posting about illegal private servers and programs on the internet isn’t right.

It is time for the change that will not only make the website better; it will change the entire blog forever.  Let’s push away all the hacking and the illegal private servers away for once and move on to other things such as life. There are opportunities out there in life that can make you feel like a better person instead of living in a world filled with grief and anger.

If you would like to make a difference, join in on keeping Home for anything alive. Do you have something to post about? Then submit your application to:

Rules for application:

If you are 14 and over, you will be able to participate in this event but you need good grammar to post about anything.

And please, don’t put in any fake information about yourself, I want you to be honest with me.

Also, don’t submit the application in the comments sections or else it won’t be looked at.

Here is what your application for Home for anything should look like:



Last Name:




Why would you like to become an author on “Home for anything”?

What will you post about?

I would like to see the real fun and creative side of you; I don’t want to see the side of you that doesn’t want to do anything.  Let your authoring begin at Home for anything because you won’t regret it!

Take care,


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Hello I’m Coolbud2

Hello I’m Coolbud2, I like playing CP, CPPS’s, Transformice, MineCraft, Rune Scape and more. I enjoy my day playing Transformice with my friends and other online users this game is relaxing. I have been in the CPPS community since ICPv3. I can design custom items, rooms, graphic and more. I can program SQL, PHP and HTML.

My accomplishments:

Matt’s CPPS Moderator/Designer
Serv CPPS Moderator
x0rb Moderator
Cybium Moderator
Eternal Dawns Moderator
Camp Penguin Mediator
If you would like to contact me:

Skype: Cool.bud2


Twitter: Coolbud2s

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CPYS Designs

Hello there, I’m Bradyman6 as you may know. I have been designing since CPEmulator has shut down, and I didn’t even budge to quite designing since then. Not only did I not quite designing, I didn’t quite blogging either. has been my daily goal to blog, but apparently I stopped making posts on my own blog. Now, I won’t let that happen because what I make on any other blog goes on this blog too.

Anyhow, I have been working for four different private servers. CPYS, Atlantic Penguin, Massacre CPPS, and CPPS.Pro. You will often see me on the servers that are listed above, or you may see me wandering around on any of the servers that I post on the blog or

You can view all of my work for CPYS here.

CPPSHQ.comCPYSAtlantic PenguinMassacre CPPSCPPS.Pro

Take care, for now.



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Still Alive

I’ve been designing, and blogging all at the same time. It’s been pretty hard to do that at the same time, along with Rile5ing to add on. This site isn’t dead, and I’m not either, it’s just has been too busy for me to post on this website. I’ve been working on other projects, such as:

  • CPPSNetwork
  • Designing for CPEmulator

Blogging and designing are the main subjects of this topic, but I’m mostly designing for CPEmulator with other stuff going on it reality too. I will post on the website, just not as much as I use to. I’m happy for the viewers who still viewed the blog while I was doing other stuff, I do appreciate the caring of my writing. I apologize for the lack of the updates, I might get back on track in the future, but you can see my posts on and CPPSNetwork.


Take Care,


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CPPS’s Going to Hell

So much private servers are getting boring as the minutes go by. Administrators that don’t know how to run anything, moderators that have no clue how to moderate. You may see advertisements on other blogs, saying that “It’s worth playing this”, when in reality, it isn’t. The members on try there best to make something big, but it ends up turning in to garbage.

iCPv3 was running fine and dandy until they get a warning that they would go to jail if they kept it up. But really, was it true or was it made up because they had no money to pay for it? The history between club penguin and club penguin private servers are completely insane, with the drama and all the other crap that has been going on. Penguin Safari wasn’t released until a few months later. Think about it, does the creators really know what they are doing?

Now, is down and the administrators are saying that it will be bigger and better than ever. It was going fine until something happened, they either went bankrupt or they are just making this up that it’s “Not hacked”. Most servers now are declining that there server is hacked, but they aren’t too sure or they know that it’s hacked, they just won’t admit it.

When I started to talk about Roblox stuff, I went no where. That’s when most of the people reading the CPPS news that I talked about left and started to another fancy website with new and better news than this. I lost most of the viewers because I quite and became a nothing. I still am a nothing because I’m talking on about stuff that isn’t on the topic.

Anyways, think about all the private serves that you’ve been on, did any of them last for a long time, or where they just another fail like lots of other servers are? You see, most of the people that create these CPPS’s are just kids that want to do something in there life, most of them are pretty smart. But some of the just grab the scraps out of the junk yard (As on a website that gives away free sources).

I‘ve tried my hardest to find something that I was born to do, I just haven’t found it yet. I may find it somewhere, but then I may not. My goal is to keep YOU, the viewers entertained and on your seats for new news and information on stuff that YOU would like to hear.

Take Care,


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