CPYS Designs

Hello there, I’m Bradyman6 as you may know. I have been designing since CPEmulator has shut down, and I didn’t even budge to quite designing since then. Not only did I not quite designing, I didn’t quite blogging either. CPPSHQ.com has been my daily goal to blog, but apparently I stopped making posts on my own blog. Now, I won’t let that happen because what I make on any other blog goes on this blog too.

Anyhow, I have been working for four different private servers. CPYS, Atlantic Penguin, Massacre CPPS, and CPPS.Pro. You will often see me on the servers that are listed above, or you may see me wandering around on any of the servers that I post on the blog or CPPSHQ.com.

You can view all of my work for CPYS here.

CPPSHQ.comCPYSAtlantic PenguinMassacre CPPSCPPS.Pro

Take care, for now.



About Bradyman6

I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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