CPPS’s Going to Hell

So much private servers are getting boring as the minutes go by. Administrators that don’t know how to run anything, moderators that have no clue how to moderate. You may see advertisements on other blogs, saying that “It’s worth playing this”, when in reality, it isn’t. The members on Rile5.com try there best to make something big, but it ends up turning in to garbage.

iCPv3 was running fine and dandy until they get a warning that they would go to jail if they kept it up. But really, was it true or was it made up because they had no money to pay for it? The history between club penguin and club penguin private servers are completely insane, with the drama and all the other crap that has been going on. Penguin Safari wasn’t released until a few months later. Think about it, does the creators really know what they are doing?

Now, CPPS.me is down and the administrators are saying that it will be bigger and better than ever. It was going fine until something happened, they either went bankrupt or they are just making this up that it’s “Not hacked”. Most servers now are declining that there server is hacked, but they aren’t too sure or they know that it’s hacked, they just won’t admit it.

When I started to talk about Roblox stuff, I went no where. That’s when most of the people reading the CPPS news that I talked about left and started to another fancy website with new and better news than this. I lost most of the viewers because I quite and became a nothing. I still am a nothing because I’m talking on about stuff that isn’t on the topic.

Anyways, think about all the private serves that you’ve been on, did any of them last for a long time, or where they just another fail like lots of other servers are? You see, most of the people that create these CPPS’s are just kids that want to do something in there life, most of them are pretty smart. But some of the just grab the scraps out of the junk yard (As on a website that gives away free sources).

I‘ve tried my hardest to find something that I was born to do, I just haven’t found it yet. I may find it somewhere, but then I may not. My goal is to keep YOU, the viewers entertained and on your seats for new news and information on stuff that YOU would like to hear.

Take Care,



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I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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