pCPPS Returns!

Bane (Penguin Social Creator) makes the debut of pCPPS in 2012 today! With new items, rooms, and more! Sign up today and get 500 points to get either the Name glow or name color! The server is still being worked on by Bane, you can still keep on checking to see if there is something new or not each day! The more you join, the more the private server will get bigger and bigger, and it will get better and better as the years go by!

Custom items:

Custom Lei: 171

Custom Blue Bop Pet: 8543705

Custom Micro Penguin: 8996888

(Last two custom items thanks to CheekyJay)

More will be added later!

Here is some screenshots of the server:

Custom Pony start up screen:

Custom Play screen:

pCPPS Manager:

pCPPS Name Glow and Custom Lei:


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CPPS.me Confirms “Not Hacked”.

I’ve showed all of you that my account on CPPS.me WAS hacked. I also said that on CPPS.me’s blog too that it was hacked. This is exactly what I said to them:

Hi there. I’m a blogger that has advertised your blog, but that’s not the point. When CPPS.me went back online, I went on my account (Bradyman6), and my mood status said that I was hacked in capital letters. I’m thinking that someone hacked the server, and made it so that you wouldn’t know. I may be wrong, but are you sure that the server isn’t hacked?

Then one of the staff members soon replied:

I am sure.

Now remember, lets go back to CPPSHQ.com, Owzy said:

It seems that the cpps’s have died down! I used to be part of the old cpps community!
I know the answer that is why rile5 have hunted me down, well now i will have revenge with the people who want old cpps’s back! This site was once great until rile5 took it over after getting d0pe to hack it. They took down most cpps’s! and this is the answer to the public of why most cpps’s are dead!
i have started a hacking group!
Name: Fallen cpps’s
objective: bring back old cpps’s and cppshq

add me on skype! and fight till the end!

This THREAT doesn’t sound good for the administrators for other CPPSes. CPPS.me is one of the “Original” Club Penguin Private Server.

This will keep you think whether or not CPPS.me has been hacked or not, won’t it?

Take Care,


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What Should Change?

I haven’t been getting any comments, or emails from any of you lately. What’s up? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here, I’m trying my best to get your attention, and nothing is happening! So, tell me. What Should Change around this place? Should I get back to the old “Bradyman6” and start posting about item ids for BIG servers? Or just stay like this putting the drama into the blog? It’s up to you to decide.

Looking to become an author for this site? Take this survey to become one!:


Take Care,


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Looking For Authors [2012 – 2013)

Hi there. Home for Anything seems to get more boring each day. Nobody views it anymore, and nobody comments on it any more. It’s becoming a dead blog. I’m looking for authors that have good grammar, and know what they are talking about. I’m not looking for “Specific” people, I’m looking for normal people who wants to have a name for themselves.

I switched the application to this email: authorapplication@yahoo.ca

Take this survey to become an author:

Take Care,


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Leaving this blog (FOREVER) :(

Hello everyone, today I got some bad news for you im leaving this website FOREVER im really really sorry guys I mean im 15 and you know Roblox and Club Penguin Private server or whatever is for kids, Right now I play Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 and many other FPS games. So yes im leaving this website forever.

P.S to Bradyman6: Im really sorry that im leaving this website  😦 i hope you dont get mad at me or get sad but i’m really really sorry

P.P.S: Delete my admin authorization and author authorization too

Have a good day everyone

This is my last bye.


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Putting More Effort.

I know I’ve been slacking lately, but I’m trying to get out of that. Home for Anything is just a cheap blog with people visiting the blog and trying to get information out of it. I’m trying my best to get attention, and I’ll try even harder in the future.

I’m trying to successfully finish a forum that I’ve been working on in the past few weeks, but I can’t seem to find the right taste for it.

I need to get more money (Obviously…), and try getting my own thing going here. I will try to get some information about Riley and his blog, and other information about more CPPS’s, but I have absolutely nothing about any of the above. (For the club penguin private server)

(P.S. I will try to make my own background, but there is just too many things on my mind temporarily.)

 That’s a lot of “Change of talk” in one post! Also, check out the pages. You might find something interesting in them.

Join the new group for Home for Anything here!

Take Care,


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Struggling but Getting Through

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted a topic. I’m not dead or anything, I’m still breathing (I think). I haven’t been looking hard for information, and can’t come up with anything on my own. Let’s just say, this blog is almost dieing, we just need a reboot!

If you have any ideas of the blog or want to become an author, you can contact me personally by emailing me. (Contact page is here.)

There will be a new page called: “Top Club Penguin Private Server“. On that page, there will be updated polls every day, and the top CPPS will be listed there! So keep on checking back for more information and new every hour!

Take Care,


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