CPPS.me Confirms “Not Hacked”.

I’ve showed all of you that my account on CPPS.me WAS hacked. I also said that on CPPS.me’s blog too that it was hacked. This is exactly what I said to them:

Hi there. I’m a blogger that has advertised your blog, but that’s not the point. When CPPS.me went back online, I went on my account (Bradyman6), and my mood status said that I was hacked in capital letters. I’m thinking that someone hacked the server, and made it so that you wouldn’t know. I may be wrong, but are you sure that the server isn’t hacked?

Then one of the staff members soon replied:

I am sure.

Now remember, lets go back to CPPSHQ.com, Owzy said:

It seems that the cpps’s have died down! I used to be part of the old cpps community!
I know the answer that is why rile5 have hunted me down, well now i will have revenge with the people who want old cpps’s back! This site was once great until rile5 took it over after getting d0pe to hack it. They took down most cpps’s! and this is the answer to the public of why most cpps’s are dead!
i have started a hacking group!
Name: Fallen cpps’s
objective: bring back old cpps’s and cppshq

add me on skype! and fight till the end!

This THREAT doesn’t sound good for the administrators for other CPPSes. CPPS.me is one of the “Original” Club Penguin Private Server.

This will keep you think whether or not CPPS.me has been hacked or not, won’t it?

Take Care,



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I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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  1. I really desired to present this particular post, “CPPS.
    me Confirms Not Hacked. | Home for Anything” with my best good friends on facebook or twitter.
    I reallysimply planned to pass on your very good publishing!
    Many thanks, Rolland

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