Still Alive

I’ve been designing, and blogging all at the same time. It’s been pretty hard to do that at the same time, along with Rile5ing to add on. This site isn’t dead, and I’m not either, it’s just has been too busy for me to post on this website. I’ve been working on other projects, such as:

  • CPPSNetwork
  • Designing for CPEmulator

Blogging and designing are the main subjects of this topic, but I’m mostly designing for CPEmulator with other stuff going on it reality too. I will post on the website, just not as much as I use to. I’m happy for the viewers who still viewed the blog while I was doing other stuff, I do appreciate the caring of my writing. I apologize for the lack of the updates, I might get back on track in the future, but you can see my posts on and CPPSNetwork.


Take Care,



About Bradyman6

I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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