Leaving this blog (FOREVER) :(

Hello everyone, today I got some bad news for you im leaving this website FOREVER im really really sorry guys I mean im 15 and you know Roblox and Club Penguin Private server or whatever is for kids, Right now I play Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 and many other FPS games. So yes im leaving this website forever.

P.S to Bradyman6: Im really sorry that im leaving this website  😦 i hope you dont get mad at me or get sad but i’m really really sorry

P.P.S: Delete my admin authorization and author authorization too

Have a good day everyone

This is my last bye.



About blek27

Hello i'm Blek27.
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One Response to Leaving this blog (FOREVER) :(

  1. Bradyman6 says:

    It’s okay, we all grow up.

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