CPPS.me Hacked

Hi there, CPPS.me’s servers are back online, but I recently just logged into my account, and it said on my mood status that I was “HACKED!”, with no clothes on, and my penguin was black.

Here is what the penguin looked like:

There is of coarse hackers all over the world, hacking Club Penguin Private Servers, and other virtual games. Be careful on what kind of private server website you go to, there are hackers all over the place. Even private servers that say that they have the top security and they are “Advanced”, but we all have a weakness, and that weakness is our emotions and the way they are hurt.


Take Care,



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I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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One Response to CPPS.me Hacked

  1. scarlet909 says:

    this gets creepy .does it say the date? its 22nd may 2013.is the hacking still happining i look up this fourm on the internet and it says hacking TIME has this “hacking time” finished?

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