Club Penguin V Returning!

Hello there, fellow viewers, I’m here to let you know that Club Penguin V, The Private server is now returning! It will be back online once again, on January 27th, 2012,  At 4 PM Eastern. I received the email from Tech163:

“Hi iBradyman6,

You are receiving this because you are a registered user on Club Penguin V. We are glad to announce that Club Penguin V, the private server, will be getting back into service this Friday, January 27! Club Penguin V will be getting back online at approximately 4PM EST. How long Club Penguin V will remain online is still unclear. We are bringing it back due to popular demand, so be sure to take advantage of it while it’s here! Just remember: once it’s gone, you never know if it will ever be back!

While some things have changed from the CPV we know from mid-2011, most of it will remain. Users will still have all the items they had previously. Because of the high number of registrations in Club Penguin V, we occasionally must clear out old, inactive users’s penguin accounts (do note that we do not plan on deleting forum accounts). This means at some point, we will be resetting the items of old, inactive users. As of February 1, 2012, users who do not login to the forum and/or the game (after it’s released) will have their items reset. That means if you previously owned the beta hat, you will no longer have access to it.

We urge you to login to the forum (and of course, join a discussion) as soon as possible!


Take Care,



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2 Responses to Club Penguin V Returning!

  1. PeaceSign97 says:

    I’m really happy xDD

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