Idle For A While

I’ll be idle for a while on the CPPS stuff so yeah. DigitalCP WILL be real @Bradyman its just they dont give out the play page until the beta testers tests the server. Too bad DigitalCP runs on Hamachi (The suckiest, laggy, and gay server to EVER put on a CPPS) , but later on they would get out of Hamachi and go on a VPS. Hope to keep our fingers crossed :).


~Rawr a.k.a MeGustaMustachio:3


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Im Rawr
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2 Responses to Idle For A While

  1. I’m the one who pays for VPS

  2. Reaper says:

    I totally hope we get off hamachi when i used to go on hamachi used cppses it lagged my computer

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