Penguin Social

Penguin Social is a new project I have recently launched to the public. I’ve spent days securing the website and looking for possible vulnerability like SQL Injection and XSS. So far so good, I’ll be checking for holes in my site’s defense daily.

So, what is Penguin Social? Well, Penguin Social (PS) is a free Club Penguin Private Server Social Community. A little like facebook – but for “CPPS’s”. You can share your CPPS with your friends and the public for £/$0. It’s totally free. You might even find some of your old friends. C’mon – Give it a try!


Website: Click here.
– Thanks, Bane.


About hyperdude120

Hello, I'm Hyperdude120/Bane from OpenCP, Penguin Safari and iPandanda. I'm a kind and helpful person. I care lots about people's security and safety on my projects.
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One Response to Penguin Social

  1. Bradyman6 says:

    I think that’s genius, Bravo. ;3

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