Home For Anything’s New Look

It’s finally about time i changed the Header and background for Home For Anything. The Header i didn’t really put that much into it, i could make a better header but if it’s alright with anyone else, it’s fine with me. The Background took about 30 minutes or less or more, i didn’t calculate it (Why would i?), I haven’t been blogging too much about Private Servers because there isn’t much to blog about. If you have any suggestions for Home For Anything, comment below or Skype me.

Skype Name: bradyman6bradyman6 (Bradyman6)

Take care,



About Bradyman6

I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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5 Responses to Home For Anything’s New Look

  1. daniel says:

    hi i am daniel i was whating to ask you how do you get on cpx3 plz tell me!

  2. PeaceSign97 says:

    This is my header for your website. I know it’s a low quality picture. I made on paint.net so I guess that’s why it’s like that. And I tried to make the text fade a bit or glow, but paint.net was driving me crazy today…so yeah, ROFL. c:

    • PeaceSign97 says:

      I didn’t put much effort in it, sorry.

    • Bradyman6 says:

      It’s fine, it will be the next picture for Home For Anything. I didn’t reply fast because it’s been a long day for me.

      Hope you have a Happy New Year Everyone.

      Take care,


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