CPPS’s Are Dead

Not all CPPS’s aren’t dead but most of them are. Some people are trying to make a good Private Server but most of them aren’t, some of them are just cheaply made. More People each year aren’t buying the private server, they are either hacking the private servers or just using local host. But to me, CPPS’s are just dead. CPPS.me is trying to make the best CPPS for anyone out there who likes that kind of stuff. But hopefully some day i can code my own CPPS, But that won’t be for a while. Bye for now,




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I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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6 Responses to CPPS’s Are Dead

  1. Halo Hunter says:

    Hey, I can add a CPPS to your blog but it will needed to have a hamachi and will have 1 room that we can talk and chat! BTW I need a reply if I can have the invitation to edit your blog.

    • Bradyman6 says:

      I tried hamachi and it was the worst program to use for a private server. Like i said, i might code my own server in the future.

  2. Hunter says:

    Hey, Zen is back up

  3. Halo Hunter says:

    Zen.hopto.org not zen.hopto.org

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