New Changes For

Wonderful news everyone, has updated their servers! There’s a new loader, new mood color glow, new badge color, and new customs items! All thanks to’s  SWF Designer ‘Designer’ for making the Perry SWF and Gary SWF. Shirt: !UP (or) !

Gary ID: 751

Perry ID: 750




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8 Responses to New Changes For

  1. Keype says:

    can u have Pikachu????? 😦

  2. imilse1001 says:

    dude it says that its offline this was my 2nd day of playing!

  3. Willowpaw says:

    Whenever I say something with !, it logs me off. 😦

  4. Em Hoad says:

    how do you get on it

  5. pink11514 says:

    I Need A New Link To Play! My Is Broken 😦

  6. batman says:

    do’s anybody no how to change your name for a little while

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