Looking For Authors

As you may know, there isn’t that much of staff on Home for anything. But, we are looking for more advanced Authors out there. You can submit a application below. If you are new to this, fill out the information below if you would like to become an author.

Alias: Bradyman6 (Your Username)

Age: 13 (Your Age)

Experience: Author; Administrator; Contributor (This means as, What has been your Experience as Author; Administrato; and Contributor for a blog. If you’re new, then put in “N/A”.)

Why would you like to become Author: (Fill out why would you want to be an author for this blog and be creative)

What category would you be posting: CPPS’s, Roblox, any sort of PC Gaming.

We do not allow Club Penguin Authors, only Club Penguin Private Server authors or any other game that doesn’t include disney.





About Bradyman6

I've been blogging since 2009 and I loved it ever since.
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One Response to Looking For Authors

  1. Alias: KingWavy


    Experience: Ive Been A Author For TestVille v3. And Ive Been For Atlantic Penguin.

    I Would Love To Become A Author For Home For Anything Because I Love Spreading News I Love The Website And Its Fun To Post Stuff For People Because They Listen And Believe.

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