Ultimate Penguin v3

Hey guys, it’s Jonny. Today I found a new CPPS called Ultimate Penguin. The owner’s are Indulgentu & DJ_MuTeD. This CPPS was recently brought back out, the CPPS originally came out around the end of may. They’ve made a custom loader which is really cool. They’ve added most command’s from iCPv2. Eg;

  • !BM (Blendmode)
  • !GL (Glow)
  • !AP (Alpha)

Link’s are: Register/Play/


About Jonny

Hi, I'm iJonny:)/Jonny from iCPPS & I'm a blogger on Bradyman6's blog. You can talk to me on xat. I'm normaly on xat.com/umadhoe (Random chat).
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8 Responses to Ultimate Penguin v3

  1. Sonic says:

    Ultimate Penguin takes too long to load during registration 😦

  2. ILOVEPIE says:

    This is NOT UPv3 this is a fake copy website the real UPv3 is run by DJMuted and Intelegentu but it is not at that URL in fact it is not online yet, how do i know this? because I also work on UPv3

    The REAL UPv3 will be located at ultimatepenguin.me

  3. SANTIAGO says:

    como me registro 😦

  4. cjelamigo says:

    melda esta pagina no es buena

  5. eric says:

    como entro e me registro em ???????????

  6. joaco says:

    como me registro xd

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