Penguin Trillion – The Best And Only Club Penguin Server Up

Sorry but I have to tell you guys that penguintrillion is done the owner cooldude170 couldn’t pay the money and nobody really had enough money to pay cooldude170 so it did stay up but only for 1 more month then it was done sorry people but penguintrillion now closed forever but there is another server that replaced penguintrillion it is called mystv2 I think but that is all I know for now but until I find out more bye.


Edit Penguin Trillion is not shut down and its better than ever!Go to link below to play and register!Cooldude170 is not gone also



About djhannah

I'm nice I play on clubpenguin alot. I'm only 10 years old. I like to hang out in the night club or the pizza parlor. I know all the cheats and codes in clubpenguin. I have fashion sense. I like to play soccer to. I also like playing with my friends. My favorite color is green. My favorite subject is writing and English. And my favorite sport is football. Also my favorite food is watermelon. And what I like to do on clubpenguin is hang out with my friends,do new adventures,play hockey or soccer and even anything on clubpenguin.
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4 Responses to Penguin Trillion – The Best And Only Club Penguin Server Up

  1. EllaIthink...Urr says:

    Same here nerd8d but I’m a girl im 10 years old i like hanging out at my iggy or the beach my fav colour is purple my fav subject is ICT and my fav sport is RUGBY >:D And yeah it’s fun to hang out with your friends and stuff but it’s even better to get membership for free so you know add me if u want Zozo 32294 / Elbels123 I have other accs too but i cant be bothered to type any more bye

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love from Ella~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. emily says:

    can you tell me a code for 2013?

  3. hello people says:


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