Myles RealCP – As Real as It Can Get

Hey guy’s, Myles from CPPSVAULT(Click “CPPSVAULT” to go to CPPSVAULT) made this very neat Private Server called RealCP, there is a list of commands here:

  • /Help (Tells the commands of RealCP)

  • /beta (Adds Beta Hat in invatory)

  • /ai (Adds Item’s)

  • /addall (Adds all item’s)

  • /users (Tells how many people are online)

  • /id (Tells what you ID number is)

  • /rules (Shows you what the rules are)

I took a few picture’s, here it is:

                                                                                        Here is a picture of the rule’s

there will be change in the future for this private server, there may be even custom item’s!I will make poll’s about what you would like for change for RealCP and what suggestion’s you would want for RealCP!





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